Nicole Mejias

Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm a passionate writer and editor at Crunchyroll specializing in anime and video games. I've also worked in the gaming industry for 6+ years doing PR and marketing. For fun, I stream myself playing games, binge watch shows, read manga, listen to endless hours of music and work out whenever the chance presents itself.


I'm a Puerto Rican girl living in the Sunshine state who loves to write! I've done a multitude of work ranging from working at Gamestop, being a tutor and TA at one of the nation’s top 50 colleges, to doing PR, marketing, customer service, counseling, writing and editing for a variety of companies and clients. 

I've created many enticing articles and copy, and I can do the same for you! See some examples of my work:

On the lookout for a writer or editor? Look no further! Contact me and let's talk.

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