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Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm a passionate writer and editor at Crunchyroll specializing in anime and video games. I've also worked in the gaming industry for almost 2 years doing PR and marketing. For fun, I stream myself playing games, binge watch shows, read manga, and work out and dance at the gym.

Mob Monday Preview: Only 3 more episodes to go…?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the home stretch of episodes, with only 3 remaining for the rest of the season! It seems like Mob Psycho 100 II started just a few days ago really, and it seems like we have so much more left to cover… Well, while we can save the speculation for another season for a different day, today we’ve got to consider: how will Mob and company deal with Claw, whose plans not only seem to be working, but seem to be one step ahead of everybody else? Although Mob ca

Heeding the Call: Cthulhu and Japan

Depending on your interests, the name Cthulhu may stir feelings of some strange familiarity, or an excited, nearly existential sense of horror to come. Despite the fiction that birthed much of the “Cthulhu Mythos” being moderately popular, the cosmic horrors introduced by H.P. Lovecraft have morphed into a life of their own thanks to the work of his protege, August Derleth, leaving future generations to encounter the unknowable in various forms spanning video games, tv shows, movies, and perhaps

Mob Monday Preview: Things Are Maybe More Normal, but Still Weird!

I, for one, am glad that we can all breathe a big sigh of relief after that last Mob Psycho 100 II episode; not that this episode really answered the question for us up front, though, and it took almost most of the episode to find out the fact that Mob's mom, dad and Ritsu were okay! I was really dreading what might have been the reality if Dimple were lying to Mob, but thankfully it seems like we don’t have to worry about that. However, it has been nice to see Dimple’s constant evolution over s

Is STEINS;GATE ELITE Worth Risking the Timeline For?

Growing up in Puerto Rico, learning English was something of a challenge for me when it inevitably reared its head; thanks to Pokémon Red, my reading skills improved dramatically thanks to an interest in video games and wanting to understand them as I played along. Fast forward many years after that fact, and I found myself deeply in love with visual novels and sound novels, playing titles like Higurashi and Umineko, those kinds of games (especially otome games!) becoming one of my favorite to p

Anime on the Big Screen in 2019

Anime movies take us to a special place we don't often get to enjoy our hobby in: the movie theater! Whether based on popular series or original, cinema only stories, anime in the movies is always a great time. There were a lot of wonderful movies last year, and this year seems like we'll be getting a pretty nice crop of new films to check out while enjoying some popcorn and watching with other anime fans together! So, without delay, here's a list of anime movies scheduled to be released in 2019

Mob Monday Preview: Everything Is DEFINITELY Not Normal!

What is even happening anymore?! Okay, so, when we asked last week how long things might be normal or calm, I didn’t think that was an invitation for this show to go totally off the rails! In fact, I have to seriously wonder if everything is real or not, because this just seems too cruel and too unlike the Mob Psycho 100 that we've seen, know and love. And if it's real, what possible ending could we be moving towards in the last few episodes of the show here? After all, there seems to be only ab

Lacing up My Running Shoes: Revisiting My Journey to Be the Very Best This Pokémon Day!

Come one, come all! It's that exciting time of the year where fans come together to celebrate the love of their beloved series: Pokémon! Pokémon Day is here once more, and fans all over have been getting ready to join in the festivities through various activities, like playing some of the classic games, sharing some Pokémon-themed baked goods with friends, or watching countless episodes of the anime all day long. Some fans have even started fun initiatives, like the #PokemonDayCountdown challeng

Mob Monday Preview: Everything’s Back to Normal… Maybe?

Episode 7 of Mob Psycho 100 II really was something special, finally giving us some real (maybe too real!) peeks into Reigen’s character. We saw the man behind the myth, and the amount of projecting he was placing on Mob from his own failings nearly cost him everything. Of course, Mob is the Goodest Boy, so he just happened to know that Reigen would do the right thing, and Mob came to the rescue in the end for his Master. Seeing the lead up to baby Mob meeting Reigen for the first time, plus the

Why Loving Gobta is Valid!

Goblins don’t get a lot of love in most fantasy worlds, depicted as nasty, conniving monsters that will stab any back, any time, as long as they can get a bit ahead of whoever they can. It’s rough to be a goblin even despite all that when compared to the amazing array of fantasy creature you usually find yourself in the company of: giant spiders, packs of wolves, orcs, ogres, slimes, and dragons outclass you in almost every way with size, abilities, and majesty. Frankly, it usually sucks to be a

Mob Monday Preview: Reigen's in Trouble!

In last week's preview, we talked about the idea that Mob and Reigen seemed to be reaching some sort of crossroads, with the idea that Reigen said Mob was being “used” by his friends… when in reality, Reigen was really the one using Mob all this time! But now that Mob’s grown and learned about himself, and more importantly, made friends, Reigen really screwed up when he called Mob’s friends fake and seemed to imply he knew what was best for Mob. Projecting much…? Either way, Reigen really screw

Nicole's Winter Wonder Festival 2019 Picks, Part 2

Figure companies spared no efforts to surprise anime fans and figure collectors with a bunch of new announcements, along with newly finished figure sculpts of popular anime and game series. WonFes truly is a magical time of the year, even though your wallet might not think so! Yesterday, I talked about some of my favorite picks, but wait... it definitely looked like something was missing, right? Where were the Good Smile Company, Max Factory and Orange Rouge figures? They had SO MANY good annou

Nicole's Winter Wonder Festival 2019 Picks, Part 1

Ah, there's nothing quite like opening up a package to get that coveted anime figure you've been eyeing for months. The detailing on the sculpt, the way it's painted, the character's pose and the basing... it's almost like it was pulled out of your favorite show! Having a piece of the anime world in your own space is pretty dang neat! Last weekend was that magical time where anime fans and figure collectors were glued on their phones and PCs as their newsfeeds updated constantly with new figure

Every Ending Theme in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Ranked!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has always been deeply tied to music, with many characters and Stand names being derived from various musicians, song titles, and bands, so it comes as no surprise that the ending and opening songs of JoJo’s need to be meticulously chosen and crafted to match the themes of the JoJo chapters they’re attached to. Danni already did a great job ranking the opening themes, and you can read about that over here if you like, but today we’ll be looking at the various ending them

Mob Monday Preview: Mob’s Being Used?!

Wow, episodes 4 and 5 of Mob Psycho 100 II were a real tour of emotions, and episode 5 might have been one of the greatest episodes of Mob, or even just anime so far in 2019 (and maybe in a while!). While the animation and drama seems to be toning down a little bit, the preview for episode 6 seems to raise a few questions about the fact that Mob is supposedly being “used” by his friends? But that doesn’t seem right, so why would Reigen say something like that to him? There doesn’t seem to be any

The Greatest Website of the 21st Century is Bursting with Comments!

It isn’t every day that the best website ever created appears on the internet, but yesterday just happened to be such a day! The Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century, Reigen Arakata, has graced the internet with his personal website, and the design and features of the website are absolutely state of the art and amazing to behold! Aside from the services that Reigen offers the masses and descriptions of his skillful prowess, however, there is also a Guest Book, already filled with amazing comment

Mob Monday Preview: Mob's Trapped in Mogami's World Without his Powers! Will Mob Escape?!

Mob Psycho 100 II started out with a bang and it has not stopped delivering the goodness straight to our eye holes! The first 4 episodes of Mob have seen us exploring Mob’s growing awareness of his powers and his fears and uncertainties, as well as a shift in the relationship that Mob and Reigen share that seems to keep placing Reigen on the wrong side of the choices he makes in regards to using/advising Mob. With episode 4, we’ve seen that really go off the rails, as Reigen’s excitement for a h

Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Have you Seeing S.T.A.R.S.!

I’m supposed to gather some electric parts to turn on the mechanism that opens cell doors in the underground jail cell. I found one after dodging vicious zombie dogs, and now I’ve found myself climbing back into the very police station I was trying to escape less than an hour ago. I know where I need to go--by now the police station is somewhat safe, and I know the best routes to get to where I need to go… until I find myself needing to extinguish a fire. "No problem," I say, and go about doing

Mob Monday Preview: Who’s the Mysterious Rich Guy? And Is That Who We Think It Is?

Mob Monday is upon us, and we can hardly wait for that next Mob Psycho 100 II episode! It seemed that the more attention Reigen and Mob get, the more complicated things become. Although the saying is “more money, more problems,” it seems Mob and Reigen are having “more spirits, more problems!” Hopefully Reigen and Mob can find their center as they get ready to explore… a giant mansion?! It seems there’s no rest for the wicked for our beloved boys, and the stuff around the corner looks like it co

Mob Monday Preview: Reigen’s Website Actually Worked?! A Haunted House? And Who is Bullying Mob?!

2019 is off to an amazing start in anime, and Mob Psycho 100 II is certainly a big reason for that! The new season has returned to us all of the great animation, psychic action, screwball comedy and heartwarming exploration of emotion that we grew to love in the first season. But what’s in store for our boy Mob this season? Episode 3 is on the horizon, and the preview is certainly raising a few questions! The first big question: Reigen has a plan that actually WORKED?! Reigen's website seems

Soaring Into Skies of Dark Blue: Ace Combat 7’s Engines Roar With Excitement!

Does the color of the sky mean anything special to you? Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown opens with this question, as the narrator recounts her view of seeing the sky as a “deep, dark blue,” blurring the line between the open blue skies we see from the ground and the inky, dark unknown of space. Taking place in a world similar to our own, Ace Combat presents a story of two nations at war, the philosophy of humans taking to the sky, and the shifting landscape of war in the era of the drone. All of th
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