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Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm a passionate writer and editor at Crunchyroll specializing in anime and video games. I've also worked in the gaming industry for almost 2 years doing PR and marketing. For fun, I stream myself playing games, binge watch shows, read manga, and work out and dance at the gym.

WIT Studio Collaborating with Evangelion's Character Designer on Upcoming Anime

WIT Studio has been a big name in anime lately, with hit shows like Vinland Saga making big waves. At this year's Anime Expo, we got a chance to sit down with the big names from WIT Studio to talk about their upcoming anime GREAT PRETENDER! We spoke about musical influences, using real world locations, and more. If you're curious to find out what they had to say, then hit the jump and read on!

Sega Ages Brings the Arcade Glory Days to Your Switch

If you happened to miss out on the heyday of arcades, or simply just want to revisit old classics, the SEGA AGES line has you covered. But don’t expect these modern renditions to go easy on you; you’ll get the full arcade experience, but for far less quarter munching and eye strain! Curious to know how Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo fare on the Switch and if it’s worth your time and money to pick up these classics?

The Best Anime Expo 2019 Artist Alley Table Names, Ranked!

Anime Expo is upon us, and the excitement is in the air as anime fans await the biggest celebration of all things anime. Yeah, sure, there will be long lines to do all the cool stuff, but it’ll be worth it, right? Are y’all done with your prepping your cosplay? If you’re still chugging about, why not take a break and look at the weird table names that artists have chosen for their vending area at Anime Expo’s Artist Alley? Yes, that’s right, we’re doing this again this year!
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