The Best Anime Expo 2019 Artist Alley Table Names, Ranked!

Anime Expo is upon us, and the excitement is in the air as anime fans await the biggest celebration of all things anime. Yeah, sure, there will be long lines to do all the cool stuff, but it’ll be worth it, right? Are y’all done with your prepping your cosplay? If you’re still chugging about, why not take a break and look at the weird table names that artists have chosen for their vending area at Anime Expo’s Artist Alley? Yes, that’s right, we’re doing this again this year!

Master of Horror Junji Ito Thrills Fans at Gallery Meet-up!

This past weekend, fans were able to tour through a gallery of the works of Junji Ito, and even meet up with the master of horror himself! This event took place in a small venue, but fans absolutely packed it to the gills, with people coming from not only Japan, but also Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Norway, France, and Dubai to get a chance to meet one on one with Ito himself and walk away with a one of a kind sketch! Guests were able to tour through a showing of Ito’s works, and finally meet up wi

Kotobukiya and How Hime Came to Life in Figure Form!

When it comes to showing one’s love for their favorite anime character or series, there are a lot of great merchandise options: charms, pins, badges, pillowcases, posters, and clothing are just some of the tips of the iceberg! But the overall reigning champion of anime merch is the figure. Nothing quite captures the charm and excitement of our favorite characters like a sculpted, scaled figure, ranging from the small and adorable chibi-style figurines to large scale plastic and PVC figures like

Experiencing the Magic of Kingdom Hearts III at Disney Springs!

As our time drew closer, we headed back to the pop-up event and looked around. Aside from the gorgeous Keyblades and a look at the Deluxe Edition set of Kingdom Hearts III, we got to see Play-Arts figures, adorable Trading Arts miniatures, and acryllic stand displays that were all available for order at the event. Fans were hanging out, sharing their Kingdom Hearts memories and hopes while waiting to play, and some were even in costume! When the time finally hit, we got in line to play the demo,

PEACE MAKER KUROGANE is Back! The Expo Report on the Screening of PEACE MAKER KUROGANE - Belief -!

PEACE MAKER KUROGANE makes its return! If you’re a fan of the 2003 anime (and if you’ve never seen it, check it out, especially for the amazingly catchy “Hey! Jimmy” opening song!) or the original manga, or just looking for a new spin on Shinsengumi themed historical fiction, the Peacemaker movies are definitely worth your time! It’s been 15 years since the original PEACE MAKER KUROGANE TV show aired, and these movies serve as a bit of a revival/catch up for the plot and a new place to tell the

“Shirobako is what I do!” Chatting With Junichiro Tamura at Expo!

At this year’s Crunchyroll Expo, we had a lot of amazing premieres, including the Crunchyroll co-produced show, The Rising of the Shield Hero! We were lucky enough to listen in to the Crunchyroll Expo Chat panel with Junichiro Tamura, the producer for KADOKAWA’s many anime products, and specifically The Rising of the Shield Hero. While we often hear from voice actors or even directors about what it is like to work on anime, it isn’t often we get to enjoy hearing about the actual production work

The Hero has Arrived: The Rising of the Shield Hero Premiere is Ready to Take Us to Another World!

Finding out that you’re a mythical hero summoned from another world is probably confusing enough, but what happens when you find out your legendary weapon is… a shield?! In Rising of the Shield Hero, that’s exactly what happens to Naofumi Iwatani, who ends up summoned to a mysterious new world after examining a book he found about four legendary heroes. Naofumi has a bit of an unfortunate and unusual start to his adventure in another world, as he doesn’t seem to be a flashy, heroic figure like t

Did You Get Mysterious Messages? The Mystic Messenger Cast Talk About How They Got Started in Voice Acting and More!

At Otakon 2018, attendees were in for a special treat: The main voice cast and developer behind the hit otome game, Mystic Messenger! In Mystic Messenger, players take on the role of the main character who finds herself embroiled in a world of danger and intrigue! The main character comes into contact with a bevy of hot guys as she tries to stay out of harm’s way and solve the mystery she finds herself suddenly involved in, and perhaps even finds some romantic intrigue along the way! The game us

Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight Premiere Casts a Spell on Expo!

The Hundred Years’ War is coming to life in anime form this fall in Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight, and at Crunchyroll Expo we had a chance to check out the premiere of the first episode, as well as a Q&A session with Yuko Ono, the voice of Jeanne d’Arc, and Ryosuke Naya, audio director and VA director for Ono-san! We also saw a brief PV of upcoming scenes and important moments for the anime itself, including the darker side of Jeanne. Ulysses is adapted from the novel series of

Akiyo Nagano, Atsuko Ishizuka, and Akira Himekawa Discuss Being a Woman in the Anime and Manga Industry!

This year’s Crunchyroll Expo was a blast with plenty of amazing panels and premieres! We had the chance to sit in on the Women in Anime and Manga Panel, featuring the Legend of Zelda manga series author duo Akira Himekawa, animation director Atsuko Ishizuka, whose work includes No Game No Life and many more, and Akiyo Nagano, the creator of Bananya! During the panel, these industry professionals talked about their personal experiences in the industry, challenges (and benefits!) of being a woman

Never Fear, Expo, for They Are Here! Meet the English Voice Actors for My Hero Academia!

BREAKING NEWS: Crunchyroll Expo is a week away! It'll be here before you know it! Get ready for three days of exhibits, movie premieres, exciting panels and guest appearances by some of the most well-known personalities in not only the US, but Japan as well! We'll have the best of what Japanese animation and pop culture has to offer, not to mention exclusive events never before seen at any other anime convention. On September 1-3, join us to celebrate your love for anime, manga, gaming and more!

The Legendary Creator of Dragon Quest Comes to Expo, and YOU Can Meet Him!

ALERT, ALERT! This isn't a drill: Crunchyroll Expo is 8 days away and quickly approaching! Get ready for three days of exhibits, movie premieres, exciting panels and guest appearances by some of the most well-known personalities in not only the US, but Japan as well! We'll be bringing the best of what Japanese animation and pop culture has to offer, not to mention exclusive events never before seen at any other anime convention. On September 1-3, join us to celebrate your love for anime, manga,

Battle at Daytona Beach! CEO 2018 Highlights and Results

Community Effort Orlando, known as CEO, recently held its biggest event ever in Daytona Beach, Florida. This year’s event was the result of a massive amount of hard work from tournament organizer Alex Jebailey and his staff, who really pulled out all the stops! CEO started in 2010, and has grown over time to become a bigger and bigger mainstay of fighting game tournament events. This year’s event was even given the honor of being the first stop on the Dragon Ball Z Fighterz World Tour, with the

The Best Anime Expo 2018 Artist Alley Table Names, Ranked!

Anime cons have long standing traditions that evolve over time, whether it’s the release celebration of the con schedule, the dreaded linecon snags, or opening and closing ceremonies, many con traditions are beloved and quirky parts of our favorite anime gatherings. One of the lesser well known traditions is that of Anime Expo’s Artist Alley names, a mixture of legitimate and oddball naming choices by the exhibitors that aren’t meant to be seen by the general public, but always end up popping up

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