Sega Ages Brings the Arcade Glory Days to Your Switch

If you happened to miss out on the heyday of arcades, or simply just want to revisit old classics, the SEGA AGES line has you covered. But don’t expect these modern renditions to go easy on you; you’ll get the full arcade experience, but for far less quarter munching and eye strain! Curious to know how Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo fare on the Switch and if it’s worth your time and money to pick up these classics?

Fantastic Fighting Action in Arc System Works’ Granblue Fantasy Versus Closed Beta

When I was a kid, one of the most fun ideas around the lunch table was talking about who would win in a fight between favorite characters from various TV shows, anime, and other media. After discovering my love of fighting games, I started talking with people not just about who would win, but how would they play in a fighting game based around their property; who would have what types of moves, what would the system be like, all of those conversations of what-ifs and if-onlys seemed totally fanciful. After all, fighting games were usually original properties, and the history of most licensed fighting games was generally pretty grim. That all changed when Capcom branched out into their VS. series, bringing comic book characters and video game characters to their fighting game engines, giving us amazing titles like Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Nintendo gave us even more food for thought with the Smash Bros. series, pitting fan favorite Nintendo characters against each other in four player brawls. NetherRealms followed suit, giving us the Injustice series, and recently Arc System Works got in on the action with the Persona 4 Arena titles. The rebirth of fighting games seems to be now, and what better time to reignite those debates of “who would win” than with a game filled to the brim with colorful, unique characters: Granblue Fantasy!

Puzzle Combat Brawls Await in Puyo Puyo Champions!

Puyo Puyo is perhaps one of the longest running puzzle franchises aside from Tetris, but it has never had an easy path to popularity and success outside of Japan. One of the first iterations of the game got renamed to Doctor Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, and releases of the series have been somewhat sporadic ever since, finding its home with maniac puzzle game fans who enjoyed a challenge and battling with their friends.

Hold it!! Ace Attorney is Back, and We’ve Updated the Court Records!

When Capcom offered me a chance to review Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, I have to admit that I did a little fist pump at my desk. Ace Attorney is a series that’s very dear to me, and in many personal ways is responsible for where I am today; without it, I would have probably never met many of the important people in my life, or maybe even be working here! So it was with excitement that I jumped back into the original trilogy of games on the PS4 to take a look at how the games have held u

Devil May Cry 5 is Back with Amazing Smokin’ Sexy Style Gameplay!

This review might have taken quite a while to put together, but that’s because I’ve had such a hard time pulling myself away from Devil May Cry 5 to write this that I’m really spending the time writing this thinking about going back to it and working on my combos, working my rankings, wondering if I can actually beat the prologue boss… There’s so much about this game swirling in my head that I feel I could probably write this review in chunks for months and not say enough about it. While it may

Is STEINS;GATE ELITE Worth Risking the Timeline For?

Growing up in Puerto Rico, learning English was something of a challenge for me when it inevitably reared its head; thanks to Pokémon Red, my reading skills improved dramatically thanks to an interest in video games and wanting to understand them as I played along. Fast forward many years after that fact, and I found myself deeply in love with visual novels and sound novels, playing titles like Higurashi and Umineko, those kinds of games (especially otome games!) becoming one of my favorite to p

Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Have you Seeing S.T.A.R.S.!

I’m supposed to gather some electric parts to turn on the mechanism that opens cell doors in the underground jail cell. I found one after dodging vicious zombie dogs, and now I’ve found myself climbing back into the very police station I was trying to escape less than an hour ago. I know where I need to go--by now the police station is somewhat safe, and I know the best routes to get to where I need to go… until I find myself needing to extinguish a fire. "No problem," I say, and go about doing

Soaring Into Skies of Dark Blue: Ace Combat 7’s Engines Roar With Excitement!

Does the color of the sky mean anything special to you? Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown opens with this question, as the narrator recounts her view of seeing the sky as a “deep, dark blue,” blurring the line between the open blue skies we see from the ground and the inky, dark unknown of space. Taking place in a world similar to our own, Ace Combat presents a story of two nations at war, the philosophy of humans taking to the sky, and the shifting landscape of war in the era of the drone. All of th

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